Show us what you've got!

The island has Talent was started by Derek Sandy in partnership with Beach House Cafe in Ryde. Taking place over 4 free shows on the Eastern Gardens by the sprawling sandy beaches on Ryde Marina, IHT 2022 is not an event you’ll want to miss.

Here on the Isle of Wight we love the seaside lifestyle and all the tourism it brings. However, our goal for IHT is to create a space for islanders take part in community fun by the sea.

We're firm believers in the ethos that we have everything we need right here. IHT 2022 promises to prove it by show off the best talent the south has to offer. Everyone is welcome to watch and take part so come one, come all! The show is back in town...


How to apply:

1. Film a short video of your talent.

If you can dance, sing, play an instrument, perform magic, or even stand up comedy - show us what you've got!

2. Attach your details

In your email, please write your name, age, where your are from and contact phone number. This will allow Derek to contact you if you are selected!

3. Send your video to us to review

Email your video to us at:


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